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Our industry leading escalator optimize the flow of people every minute of everyday millions of people are using escalator and autowalks. In department stores, shopping centers, cinemas, sports complex, airport and railway station worldwide. that's because our escalator and auto walks are safe, reliable and rugged.

our escalator and auto walks are the right combination of eye catching design, high efficiency and increased flexibility and comfort whether you choose a basic product configuration or a custom solution.  

TK Elevator offers three classes of escalator, each designed to move people safely and efficiently.


The commercial duty escalator

Velino is our most advance range of escalator designed to fit the whole bandwidth of commercial application. The velino series covers all commercial needs from standard or design-oriented applications to tailored projects. each and every velino makes sound business sense and is safety focused with our safety-enhancing features.

Balustrades of ⅜" (10 mm) thick tempered safety glass panels and optional under-handrail lighting provide striking aesthetics. Dual CPU controllers and optional Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive technology save energy and lower operational costs.


Technical Specification


The heavy duty escalator

Our heavy-duty Tugela escalator is ideal for high-rise applications, convention centers, stadiums, smaller airports or locations with heavy traffic. The reinforced balustrade provides additional strength against bumps from bags and cases. You can customize the look with glass colors and optional under-handrail lighting.

The Tugela features oversized motors, gearboxes and chains. A sprocket-type  tension carriage reduces wear on the chain rollers and a handrail pressure system improves handrail drive traction.



Technical Specification


Transit-duty escalator

The Victoria transit-duty escalator is a non-stop workhorse ideal for transport  hubs such as train stations and airports.  It’s our strongest, most powerful escalator  and has a reinforced drive system capable of 24/7 maximum performance at full  load capacity

The Victoria features a step chain with  external 4" (100 mm) rollers rather than traditional 3" (75 mm) internal rollers. It was developed specifically for transit traffic and comes with metal stainless steel or robust glass balustrades.

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Technical Specification


moving walks

Orinoco moving walks are dependable with design options allowing the equipment to harmonize with any architecture.

All balustrade configurations (stainless steel metal or glass Robust and Slim) ensure a perfect integration with your building.

Special widths [including the 63" (1600 mm)] allow large volumes of passengers carrying luggage, with the space to safely pass standing passengers.

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Technical Specification

Safety features

Escalator & Moving walks

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