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To build a company that will be distinctively known for quality employees and quality services par excellence.


The success of the company not only lies to our interest but being responsible to the needs of our clients.


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In 1988, hyatt industrial started the sales and promotion of Goldstar (LG) elevators and escalators from  korea. It was able to generate numerous orders of goldstar elevator and escalator equipment immediately. In order expand further in the market, “HYATT ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS CORPORATION” was established to handle the sales, installation and servicing of elevators & escalators. In only a few years,Hyatt was able to generate sales of around a thousand units of elevators and escalators. Coupled with an excellent after sales service, Hyatt grew to one of the most respected elevator company in the Philippines. Its customers  include the country’s biggest developer such as ayala Land Inc.,S.M., Robinson Group, Megaword Corp.,Phil-realty and others.

In 1998,as a result of the asian crisis, LG (Goldstar) sold their non-care business that included elevators & escalators. Thereafter, Hyatt started the sales & promotion of other brands of elevator including Dongyang.

In 2003, thyssenkrupp, Germany’s largest elevator company bought Dongyang Elevator Company of Korea as part of their global strategy to make Asia Pacific one of the important areas of growth together with China and India two of their most important bases in the region. thyssenkrupp Elevator currently employs more than 6,800 employees and generates more than 2.8 billion euros for the fiscal year 2003/2004.

In the Philippines, thyssenkrupp partnered with Hyatt for the sales, distribution, service and maintenance of its elevators & escalators given Hyatt’s wealth of experience, expertise and track record in the industry.




Hyatt’s Assurance


We are proud of having the most experienced Engineers and Technicians. We are certain in coping up with the ever-shifting world of today through our people’s matchless dedication in bringing designs and product selections within your reach. Providing with more accurate and dynamic appraisals of your specific plan needs, as well as other pointers to help you bring out the full potential of your Elevator/Escalator System for optimum efficiency and performance. And best of all, we uphold the satisfaction of providing the engineering work possible by working hand in hand with our clients from conceptualization to completion. And because we give such importance to the service we provide, our highly skilled engineers assist Architects and clients in the Traffic Analysis that can significantly affect the value engineering and thus to arrive with the most practical solutions possible, in order to cost save effectively.



Elevator/Escalator is a high tech machines made up of over thousands of parts, including machinery electronics and semi-conductors. As such, to ensure maximum safety of passengers, it requires a specialist. In choosing the right specialist in maintaining your equipment at its best means getting the best who would take care of all the details of service maintenance.

That‟s why we guarantee such maximum satisfaction of our customer, and take pride in providing the best after sales services. Every time a customer signs a Service Maintenance Contract with us, our team will ensure the best services on your equipment wherever and whenever you need it. We provide any Elevator/Escalator services and we have the highly skilled people with over 15 years of experience in installation, troubleshooting, service and maintenance. With critical parts and components located in our warehouses in Ortigas, Taguig, Cebu our customers are assured of quick response and minimal downtime of their equipment.

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